Access to Medicines

Takeda believes access to healthcare and medicines should be universal. However, across the world, many people lack access to the services and treatment they need.

Increasing access to medicines for complex and rare diseases is especially challenging and needs sustainable, targeted, collective action to strengthen and build healthcare systems, at every stage of the patient journey.

Takeda is a global biopharmaceutical leader focused on translating science into highly-innovative medicines, to make a difference to people’s lives. We are committed to helping to strengthen healthcare systems in a sustainable way, at every stage of the patient journey.

We will achieve this by mobilizing collective action to drive impact, by radically increasing access to innovative medicines for complex and rare diseases through targeted partnerships.

Takeda Access to Medicines Progress Report

Takeda has launched its inaugural Access to Medicines Two-year Progress Report, that outlines our efforts to help address the multiple challenges in increasing access to medicines for complex and rare diseases for patients that need them.

Learn more from the full report here

Takeda named #5th in Access to Medicine Index 2018

In 2018, the Access to Medicine Foundation recognized the quality and ambition of our programs, ranking Takeda number 5 in the latest Access to Medicine Index - climbing 10 places and the biggest ‘upward mover’. The Foundation highlighted Takeda’s commitment to capacity building with a focus on strengthening healthcare systems.

The Access to Medicine Index assesses and rates the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies according to their commitment and achievements in access to medicine.

* Healthcare Providers (HCPs) and Community Health Workers (CHWs).

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