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The Asahi Shinbun Globe Series

In life, there are great opportunities as well as great challenges and risks. With this new original series featured in Asahi Shimbun Globe, President & CEO Christophe Weber gives his unique perspective on what he has learned from his upbringing in France and his international career.

Takeda President Says Firm’s Reform Was “Stressful” but “Essential”

Christophe Weber explains how he has reformed the company since he took office in 2014.


What makes a company truly global?

Christophe Weber reflects on Takeda's history and values, and the importance of diversity in the workplace.


Tragedies changed my life:

CEO Christophe Weber talks about how his past shaped who he is today.


EuroBiz: Total Transformation - Takeda readies itself for the future

CEO Christophe Weber speaks openly to Eurobiz Japan on the ups and downs of Takeda's `total transformation`, his strategic approach to R&D and of the exciting promise of what's to come.