2019 Innovators in Science Award Winners Announced in Regenerative Medicine

Takeda and the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS) announced the 2019 Innovators in Science Award Winners for their commitment to and excellence in regenerative medicine. Takeda is pleased to recognize research in regenerative medicine for its potential to deliver a new generation of innovative medicines for patients across therapeutic areas.

The 2019 Winner of the Senior Scientist Award is Michele De Luca, M.D., Professor of Biochemistry and Director of the Centre for Regenerative Medicine “Stefano Ferrari”, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in Modena, Italy. Dr. De Luca has dedicated his career in translational medicine to developing stem cell therapies and is a leading authority on human squamous epithelial stem cell biology.

The 2019 Winner of the Early-Career Scientist Award is Shruti Naik, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Departments of Pathology, Medicine and Dermatology, NYU School of Medicine in the United States. Dr. Naik studies immune cell, epithelial cell and microbial interactions to inform therapeutic strategies for conditions such as psoriasis, chronic wounds and cancer.

The 2019 Winners will be honored at the Innovators in Science Award Ceremony and Symposium in April 2019 in Japan.

Award Partnership Recognizes and Celebrates Disruptive and Transformative Research

In 2016, Takeda and NYAS launched the Award partnership to recognize and celebrate disruptive and transformative research conducted by promising Early-Career Scientists and outstanding Senior Scientists from across the globe. The Award recognizes research in the areas of neuroscience, gastroenterology, oncology, and regenerative medicine.

The inaugural Award focused on recognizing excellence in neuroscience discovery.

The goal of the Innovators in Science Award is to celebrate scientists who have distinguished themselves for the creative thinking and impact of their research. This program is another step in Takeda’s commitment to promoting scientific excellence as well as fostering a sense of community between industry and academia.

Over the course of the award program, the Innovators in Science Award will honor research from across the areas among which Takeda has focused its drug discovery with two prizes of US $200,000 each year, distinguishing innovative scientists in their respective fields, drawn from major universities and academic medical centers, or equivalent, around the world.